About Me

“Green Art of Colors” was born because of my great passion for painting Wargame models.
The studio is situated in Alessandria, but we work around Italy, UE and extra-UE through shipments.

Our experience

We take delivery every type of miniatures, scenary, and everything related to this wonderful world.
Here below some examples of material we worked on:

– Warhammer
– Warzone Resurrection (Mutant Chronicles)
– Warmachine & Hordes
– Bloodbowl
– Malifaux
– Infinity
– X-Wing
– World War II
– Storico
– Busti

and others…

Work also on boxart for companies and collector’s models.

We offer the highest professional standards, trying to get as close as possible to your requirements because we strongly believe in building up a relationship of trust with our customers.

We don’t focus only on the work itself, but we also strive for create a clear and honest relationship in order to give you a complete and detailed-oriented service.

Your needs are ours, this allows us to ensure you maximum satisfaction.